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Rechargeable & Invisible Hearing Aids

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Transform Your World with Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aids that Redefine Sound Quality

Experience sound like never before with our in-ear, rechargeable, digital hearing aids equipped with advanced technology that revolutionizes your auditory senses. Enjoy clear, crisp sound precisely when you need it most, transforming the way you interact with the world around you.rechargeable hearing aids

You're not the only one who is sick of large, pricey hearing aids.

 Customers adore invisible hearing aids all over the world. First of all, because the technology is inexpensive. You can bid farewell to talks that are difficult to understand and muddled sounds. 

 It is intended for those with moderate to profound hearing loss!

 this technology  will just blow you away. our hearing aids are suitable for 95% of the population with hearing loss. The hearing aids also include a built-in tinnitus management software and a background noise elimination feature.

Why Choose Us?

TINY. DISCREET. NEARLY INVISIBLE: This personal sound amplification device features a low profile that is more comfortable to wear in your ear
 UPGRADE ADJUSTMENT: The volume can be adjusted without  complicated tools 
APPLICABLE: Beautiful appearance, very suitable for watching movies, watching dramas, attending meetings, attending classes, and chatting with friends.  


you can buy entire computers for a few hundreds these days, yet companies are still charging thousands  for hearing aids. which Doesn't make sense , that's why we are  trying to make it affordable and high quality  

 controlling noise is the ultimate goal!

our device eliminates background noise as soon as it's detected . you can also recharge it using different sources of power 


Type: Hearing Aids
Material: Silicone
Calibration: Automatic
Saturated Sound Pressure Level (OSPL90): 112
High-Frequency Average (OSPL90): 110

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Surprisingly good and complete set.

    Many thanks for this product. Obviously, I still need to adapt and correctly install, but I’m very happy. The portable and rechargeable set / components, makes it practical for traveling. Thank you.

    Stewart Douglass
    Star Rating

    How can someone give a 5 star rating to hearing aids that are hard to adjust the volume and 3 pairs ruined by trying to adjust volume with volume adjustment tool

    Darlene Jefgdns

    Its so hard to adjust the volume. I have ruined 3 hearing aids by trying to use the tool to adjust volume.