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Power Bank Voice Recorder


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Power Bank Voice Recorder

Shipping And Return Policies

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A voice recorder inside a working power bank – can it get even better? Yes! It stores 600 hours of audio, records when it hears a sound up to 50 feet away and many more advantages!

Longest Battery Life


Auto Voice Activation


The Recorder Nobody Will Ever Suspect

Now that everyone’s addicted to their phones, power banks are everywhere!Because they’re so commonplace, nobody will ever think twice upon seeing one – which is exactly what you’d want in a covert audio recorder.

Even if someone did try to use it, it works exactly like a regular power bank would – it’ll charge your phone. There’s an expertly placed trap door concealing the controls for using the audio-recording part of the power bank.

To make things even more covert, there’s a magnet which lets you stick it under a desk or table – perfect for recording meetings or at your workspace. You could also just keep it in a bag or pocket, since it’ll hear fine right through those fabrics.

Easy Operation With Voice-Activated Recording

The voice recorder will automatically turn on and start recording when it hears a conversation happening (roughly 60dB, for you science nerds). Conversations can be captured clearly up to 50-feet away.

Set the device where you want it, and then forget it. When the sound stops for any length of time, it turns off and saves the audio file to the 16GB internal memory. That’s about 24 days (600 hours) worth of audio!

Extremely Long Battery Life

Wouldn’t it be a disaster if the recorder ran out of batteries when you needed it the most? This recorder has such a long battery life that it isn’t even a risk. It can stay in standby mode for an astonishing 150 days and record continuously for up to 14 days

This means if you left the recorder on next to a TV during a Netflix binge, it could record for 2 whole weeks! It only takes 5 hours to charge this recorder with a USB cable, so battery life isn’t even an issue.

Easy Playback On Any Mac or PC

It’s really easy to playback your audio files on any computer. Simply plug in the USB cable and you’ll be able to listen, store or even send the audio recordings.

Users with a Windows PC also have the option of installing software that automatically adds a time/date stamp to the audio file, making the right recording easy to find. This feature will need to be activated by the user as outlined in the written instructions.



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